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Software availability
Developer: Rafael Hernández-Guzmán
Contact address: INIRENA-UMSNH. Av. San Juanito Itzícuaro s/n. Col. Nueva Esperanza. CP 58330. Morelia, Michoacán, México
Email: rhernandez.g@gmail.com
First year available: 2010
Software requirements: IdrisiAndes or Idrisi Taiga software
Hardware requirements: PCs with Windows.
Program language: Visual Basic 6.0
Program size: 0.32 Mb
Availability and cost: CN-Idris and data samples are free of charge

We developed a raster-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool called CN-Idris that outputs runoff estimates from land use/land cover and hydrologic soil group maps based on the Natural Resources Conservation Service Curve Number method. The tool enables the user to select among three antecedent moisture conditions and two values of the initial abstraction (Ia) parameter, and it has the option to include spatial variation in rainfall input. Following figure show the procedure to estimate runoff in a raster environment:

Following figure show CN-Idris interface:

Cite: Hernández-Guzmán, R., Ruiz-Luna, A. and C.A. Berlanga-Robles. 2011. CN-Idris: An Idrisi tool for generating curve number maps and estimating direct runoff. Environmental Modelling and Software, 26: 1764-1766 DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2011.07.006